The Workmen Belt - Mack Belts™
The Workmen Belt - Mack Belts™

The Workmen Belt

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  • Hand-cut from our veg-tanned, full grain saddle leather, dyed to a traditional Dark Oak.
  • Handmade right here in the U.S.A. by SOF veterans.
  • All Mack Belts go through a two plus year tanning process.
  • Precision machined Mack Buckle™ + multipurpose Steel D-Ring and anti-corrosive securing hardware.
  • Mack Belts are extra thick at 1.5 width. These are not your typical belts. Expertly designed to be unbreakable and never sag, stretch, or warp. A perfect solution for casual or dress wear and Ideal for utility or firearm carry.
  • A Mack Belt is the highest caliber of American craftsmanship and also positively impact military charity partners.
  • Mack Belts™ are the toughest belts on Earth™

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
andrew palmer

Could not be more satisfied with this belt! More over the fact that is made in the US, and by a veteran that poured his life into his job defending the country and has brought that dedication and attention to detail to his new life post service. Will be as life time customer.

Chris R.
GREAT belt.

I'm a few months in, and this is just an amazing product. I work outside in the Texas heat, and also sitting in air conditioned heavy equipment. This belt doesn't care if its soaked in sweat, nor does it bother my waist if I'm sitting in a machine all day. Great product. Want to order a Mack Buckle for the "cool factor", but hell, the one that came with this belt is good enough!

Cory Wilemon
Outstanding belt!

I have been looking for a good leather belt, this thing blew all my expectations out of the water with the quality and craftsmanship. Sizing was accurate, and the directions on the site were great. I don't need another one, but I may just pick another up.

John Norred

Best belt ever!!!

Ryon Becker
Buy One, You Won't Be Disappointed!

Best belt I've ever owned! The Workmen Belt paired with the Mack Buckle is perfect for heavy, everyday use on the farm.

Best belt I own!

Had this belt for over a year now and still looks brand new after daily wear. Worth every cent.

Best belt I’ve ever owned!

I purchased almost every belt that Mack belts has to offer. They are the best quality I have ever seen. I am in maintenance and I shoot as a hobby. I don’t have a “range belt”. I just use what I have. It has never failed me. This is the first belt that has withstood what my daily life can throw at it. And it still looks like a fine belt. Can’t thank you enough You are a true master of your craft. Thank you guys so much.