The Toughest Buckle on Earth™

  • The Mission: Design the toughest belt buckle on EARTH
  • The Criteria: It must be UNBREAKABLE, composed of American steel, have multiple levels of securing redundancy and functionality. It’s aesthetic must be something never seen.
  • The Outcome: Our team is pleased to introduce a finished product with an attention detail that is unmatched. Our design is like no other that exist on the PLANET. We achieved mission success and reinvented the BELT BUCKLE along the way.
  • The Mack Buckle™ -  consists of 100+ grams of unbreakable American stainless steel. Engineering, designed, assembled, and machined in the U.S.A by U.S.A built machines.  Backed by a multi-generation warranty. Expertly engineered to combine modern precision for rugged use
The Mack Buckle™ and Brushed steel D-ring is on every Mack Belt!

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