Navy SEAL to Belt Maker

Mack Belts™ was founded by retired Navy SEAL Mack Alexander who worked as a lead breacher and assaulter, deploying to Africa and Yemen.  In July of 2018, while conducting helicopter casting operations off the coast of Africa in support of Operation Spartan Shield, Mack sustained a head injury. Mack finished his final deployment, but after returning home to the United States imaging and test revealed the damage was worse than expected. The severity of the brain injury would cause him to spend two years in recovery at Naval Medical Center San Diego, working to regain speech, balance, realigning his eyes, and other cognitive impairments due to traumatic brain injury. He was retired early from the SEAL Teams. 

The early and unplanned transition out of the military during the height of COVID-19 hysteria presented a variety of challenges and Mack was unable to find employment while at the same time still working full time in physical therapy. But like any frogman he was devoted to overcome, rebuild, and not let his injury and setbacks define him. Despite his many challenges he has ultimately rebuilt his life while at the same time building a successful business and finding purpose once again. He enjoys sharing his story, what he refers to as “A Total Life Reset." His goal is to motivate and remind all that “you are never out of the fight.”

It was while shopping for a dress shirt at a local thrift store that he saw an old leather belt for sale for $1. He got the idea that he could turn that leather belt into a dog collar.  After doing this a few times he felt the skill of leather crafting was bringing him a sense of peace and knew it could be beneficial for other veterans. He shared his newfound passion with other combat veterans and assembled the Mack Belts team! Mack Belts started in a tiny garage and has now grown to become a premium U.S.A. leather belt manufacturer with thousands of special operations veteran-crafted belts being worn by patriots all over the world! What makes our belts even more special is that with every purchase a donation is made to active duty military.


If you're looking for a belt that's tough enough for your active lifestyle and helps support those who've given so much to our country – look no further than Mack Belts™

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